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1. Sunday 27th July 2014
Sunday 27th July 2014: 5.52pm. I forgot to post my annual SSD vs magnetic hard drive capacity per inflation adjusted dollar graph which I updated in May, so here it is. The trend of deexponentialisation of SSD capacity per dollar growth has continued as I first predicted in 2012 (, and currently SSDs are growing slower than magnetic storage which implies they will never catch up in terms of capacity per dollar. ...

2. Monday 01 June 2020
It is June, so here is the latest update to my annual comparison of storage bytes per inflation adjusted dollar for magnetic hard drives, flash SSDs, and Intel Optane XPoint devices (you can find all the past posts here): Raw data: Last year we had a worldwide glut of flash memory, which led to unusually keenly priced SSDs, as can be seen from the graph above. It would seem that Intel adjust Optane X-Point to match SSD pricing, as this year they have increased pricing by exactly the percentage that SSDs have risen, which is surely no coincidence. ...

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