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Over the years I have collected together lots of various study bits & pieces which are hard to find elsewhere, so here is my page of study stuff. I have also shoved my essays, dissertation and lecture slides here for anyone who might find them useful - certainly they get downloaded a lot especially during term time which suggests my essays end up as other people's essays - if that's what you're here for, then good luck to you!

You may also find the resources for my book Freeing Growth: How The World Can Grow Four Times Faster Sustained useful as a list of references. My book is about Neo-Capitalism, my new Economic system based on testing of a new kind of Economic model derived from my work on Tn, and whose main conclusions are summarised by the pamphlet Freeing Growth: The Neo-Capitalist Manifesto. Finally, you may find the diary entries of summer 2006 containing notes on my post-Capitalism research of interest


Relevant to Neo-Capitalism:

The slides for the presentation I gave at the 2011 Institute of Education Doctoral School Summer Conference on the same research proposed by the WPER essay just below.

My essay for my MRes Institute of Education WPER (Writing and Presenting Educational Research) module which is a research proposal for the development of an academic assessment auditing software tool (awaiting score).

Lecture slides and resources given in 2011 to Business undergraduates from l'Ecole Supérieure de Commerce IDRAC Lyon, France as part of their semester abroad studying in a native English speaking country. I have had to remove anything copyright to others, but the rest is there including videos. Here is a presentation on the results of the SNO business simulation exercise I performed with the students, where the SNO exercises are described by Springer, C. W., and A. F. Borthick. 2004. 'Business simulation to stage critical thinking in introductory accounting: Rationale, design and implementation'. Issues in Accounting Education 19(3): 277-303

My essay for my MRes Institute of Education AER (Approaches to Educational Research) module on whether there is a cluster of excellence in the development of cutting edge mathematics in Old World Europe (i.e. including European Russia). This comes in two flavours: (i) The first draft (scored a C, though I find it the most readable) and (ii) the final submission (almost a complete rewrite, also scored a C).

Research Proposal submitted to the 2011 Oxford and Cambridge Junior Research Fellowships on designing a repressive system of economic control based on the divorce of the money supply into "Educares", "Ecostors" and "Infrabonds".

Lecture slides for a post-Cartesian interpretation of Economics given by myself for the EC1800 module as part of the University College Cork Diploma in Social Studies: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th. Reading Questions: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th. Essay question and Essay writing notes.

Article for Resurgence Magazine on History of Money & Wealth - good for an overview of my approach

My Degree Dissertation on Modelling the Costs of Climate Change (scored a 18.0, a mid first)

My essay for my St. Andrews MN4267 module on Risk in the Creative Industries (scored 13.5, a low 2.1)

My essay for my St. Andrews MN4267 Seminar 2 on the Nature of Creative Industries (unknown)

My essay for my St. Andrews MN4267 Seminar 1 on the Nature of Creative Industries (unknown)

My essay for my St. Andrews MN4203 module on the strategy of the UK's Cooperative Group (scored a 14.0, a low 2.1)

My essay for my St. Andrews MN4227 module on the implicit failure of social responsibility & accountability (scored a 13.0, a high 2.2. I personally strongly disagree with this mark in the strongest possible terms)

My essay for my St. Andrews EC2001 module on the benefits of monopolies (scored a 17.0, the only first class honours in the class!)

Indirectly relevant to Neo-Capitalism (Economics based):

Excel Spreadsheet containing hard drive and Intel flash drive storage bytes per inflation adjusted dollar 1980-2012.

Excel Spreadsheet containing World GDP, Population and GDP per capita (inflation & purchasing power adjusted) 1600-2007. Note that data for 2002-2007 is incomplete as it takes too long for me to copy & paste all of them.


My essay for my St. Andrews EC2002 module on foreign direct investment and its effects on GDP growth (scored a 20.0, the maximum possible mark)

My essay for my St. Andrews EC3201 module on conjectural variation explaining how Microeconomics is indeterminate and thus chaotic (scored 16.0, a high 2.1)

My essay for my St. Andrews MN3101 module on the efficient market hypothesis (scored 10.0, a third)

My essay for my St. Andrews EC3203 module on why the nominal exchange rate is more volatile than its fundamentals (scored a 10.0, a third)

Indirectly relevant (non-Economics based):

My essay for my St. Andrews ID2003 module (on the coming paradigm shift) (scored a 5.0, the lowest possible grade before failing)

A letter to a friend in need on applying the New Way of Thinking to personal development

My essay for my St. Andrews PY1102 module on how the beauty and order in the Universe provides evidence of God's existence (scored a 16.0, a high 2.1)

My essay for my St. Andrews MN3102 module on multi-rationality and multi-paradigm decision making (scored 15.0, a mid 2.1)

My essay for my St. Andrews MN4238 module on a Critique of Bond films in the context of Sustainability (scored a 17.0, a first)

My essay for my St. Andrews MN4238 module on improving my energy efficiency (scored a 20.0, a first)

A group essay for my St. Andrews MN4227 module comparing Bakan's 'The Corporation' with Friedman's 'Free to Choose' (scored a 16.0, a high 2.1)

My essay for my St. Andrews MN4267 module on a Bourdieu cultural capital analysis of computer software development (awaiting score)

Not relevant at all:

Article describing how I went about choosing a distance TESOL/TEFL course

Simplified Articulate Board Game Rules for English Language Teaching (ELT)

You may find The St. Andrews University Future Society website of interest

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