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Monday 21st October 2013: 10.56pm. All the mentors in this year's GSoC mentor summit at Google HQ. Can you spot me?#gsoc2013 #mentorsummit
Friday 18th October 2013: 7.40pm. Location: Region of Waterloo International Airport. Off to Silicon Valley for the Google Summer of Code mentors summit this weekend. Never been to California before. Should be interesting.#gsoc2013
Thursday 10th October 2013: 12.51am. Boost.AFIO has just been submitted for Boost peer review. After so many months of effort, I'd like to thank Megan for putting up with all the hours I spent after work pattering away on it; I'd like to thank Paul for doing such a great job in porting the code to Boost for Google Summer of Code; I'd like to thank Google for sponsoring Paul, and the Boost C++ Libraries for voting for AFIO as a GSoC sponsorship candidate; and finally, I'd like to thank my former colleagues at BlackBerry who pulled a lot of favours internally to get BlackBerry Legal to eventually sign off on me working on this in my free time (first ever in BlackBerry history I believe that permission was granted for an employee to contribute to a non-work related open source library).
Tuesday 8th October 2013: 2.37pm. Location: Waterloo, Ontario. Big day today - I should be able to send AFIO into the Boost peer review queue, and hence drawing a line under what has probably been my main excuse against getting a job. It's been a long, long summer indeed! Next week I go to the Googleplex in California for the Google summer of code mentors summit - never been to California before, so that should be interesting.
Sunday 29th September 2013: 7.03pm. Bleh I'm feeling rough today. Last night whilst watching TV with Megan I had this crazy idea of how to make proposed Boost.AFIO - yes I know it's supposed to be finished as of last Monday - lock free, even wait free apart from the pesky std::unordered_map<> which would need locks around it. And it sufficiently excited me that I just had to get to work on it right now i.
Tuesday 24th September 2013: 1.14am. So Google Summer of Code 2013 ended today! Boost.AFIO is more or less peer review ready - some additional unit tests to be added mainly to get the code coverage back up, otherwise it's done. Paul will still need some time to finish his directory monitoring feature, but that is fairly orthogonal to the existing code base and its lack of presence doesn't disturb anything.
Thursday 19th September 2013: 5.43pm. So back to the GSoC grindstone now I have a few days before more interviews. Current problem, the one which kept me up last night, is that the newly released VS2013 provides an unusual mix of variadic templates, a brittle decltype() and a std::result_of<> that isn't SFINAE friendly. The result is that code fails when trying to use AFIO's variadic template overloads because VS2013 tries instantiating std::result_of<> for template types it doesn't like, and instead of disabling the overload as an overload resolution possibility like on any other compiler, VS2013 barfs a compilation error.
Saturday 7th September 2013: 12.14am. Assuming the CI goes all green, fast, asynchronous directory enumeration for Boost.AFIO is done! I'm feeling pretty wrecked, it's been one of those "burn the candle at both ends while you have the open window of time" sorts of things.The process of finding a new job in North America has taken a turn for the worse: the initial very positive recruitment feedback from the tech multinationals - and mention, in at least one instance, of me being the best candidate seen in some years - has been stopped in its tracks once they realised that there is currently a nine month backlog in US green card processing, and a three month backlog in Canadian Labour Market Opinion processing.
Saturday 24th August 2013: 5.18am. Boost.AFIO finally goes all green on the CI ... you have no idea how many dozens and dozens of hours of debugging race conditions in other people's code (and then figuring out workarounds in AFIO code) it has taken to reach this point.I am actually quite emotional. Such a huge amount of effort. So many, many bugs and weirdnesses in the older STLs and Boost.
Monday 19th August 2013: 9.34pm. Well today I was fired from BlackBerry as part of their downsizing! I was barely there, just ten and a half months, but in my short time there I think it is safe to say I certainly made an impression - I think I even achieved the fastest internal Stackoverflow karma points rise ever, but don't quote me on that!Some of the highlights of my time there included single handedly porting clang/LLVM to QNX, something I only finished last Friday and it was wizard to watch LLVM being live JITed into ARM on device.

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