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Saturday 7th September 2013: 12.14am. Assuming the CI goes all green, fast, asynchronous directory enumeration for Boost.AFIO is done! I'm feeling pretty wrecked, it's been one of those "burn the candle at both ends while you have the open window of time" sorts of things.

The process of finding a new job in North America has taken a turn for the worse: the initial very positive recruitment feedback from the tech multinationals - and mention, in at least one instance, of me being the best candidate seen in some years - has been stopped in its tracks once they realised that there is currently a nine month backlog in US green card processing, and a three month backlog in Canadian Labour Market Opinion processing. Basically they don't want to wait, and sure, I can't see how I don't run out of money before then either. I had been thinking they'd just park me in some office somewhere until visas got sorted, but it would seem that is more effort than they are used to, which surprised me to be honest given the supposed shortages of "the right kind of skilled labour".

Given we have a child on the way, getting some temporary job to tide us over seems a bit pointless - what I really want is somewhere good to raise young children, and somewhere which can offer us a future and opportunity - which reminds of me of what exactly I was thinking only 18 months ago. It would appear, sadly, that that place is not Canada nor the United States given their attrition-inducing visa processing backlogs, so I guess it's time to start thinking about returning to Europe where work visas aren't needed.

The thing which really irritates me already is that if we do move back to Europe, I guarantee your top dollar I'll start getting hassled to move to the US. The unfortunate thing is that it really is true that the best positions with the best opportunities in my field are pretty much exclusively in the US, and anywhere in Europe will pay a lot less and have you working on far more code monkey type roles.

Still, I have a baby to raise, and code monkey jobs still provide food and shelter, and if you can find one which gives you a lot of free time they're actually a pretty good outcome. It's a shame though, I had hopes for what I could have achieved had they let me into Silicon Valley :(

Anyway, I have one remaining US multinational who haven't ended the recruitment process yet, and I hopefully will have physical interviews with them soon. I am expecting, however, that they too will baulk at the nine month backlog. So be it - the next question is which European country looks better than the others?

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