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Regression test suite for v0.88.1:

TnFOX test results

The regression failure in TestEventLoops stems from a bug in current Xorg editions which hangs programs trying to operate X11 from multiple threads. This is being fixed by Xorg right now.

TestIPC fails on x64 Linux due to a compiler bug in GCC v4.2. It works correctly on x86.

TestMemoryPool failed on x86 Linux as it was being run on an x64 Linux under 32 bit emulation. It passes correctly on a native x86 system.

TestGraphing fails on Mac OS X due to a bug in their X11 implementation whereby OpenGL hangs if XInitThreads() is used. Disabling the XInitThreads() calls fixes the problem but at the cost of multithreaded GUI support.

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Regression test suite for v0.87:

The regression failures on coLinux are due to bugs in coLinux (TestIPC) or lack of memory (TestMemoryPool).

The regression failures on Apple Mac OS X are due to bugs in Apple's POSIX and X11 support libraries (TestDLL and TestGraphing) or kevents not being able to monitor FAT partitions (TestFSMonitor).

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