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TnFOX is available in parts so that you can pick and choose what you want:

The current version of TnFOX is v0.88 and it was released on 13th June 2008

NOTE: TnFOX should be considered PRODUCTION READY code for Win32, Win64, Linux and Apple MacOS X. It should be considered BETA code for FreeBSD. On all platforms the python bindings are INCOMPLETE and still require further work.

The next version of TnFOX will be v0.90 and is due whenever FOX v1.8 is updated


  • None available

GIT repositories:

All past releases have been tagged with obvious labels and signed off. The old subversion repository has been locked from further edits. Quick links into the GIT repos (both sourceforge and github are mirrors):

Welcome Features & Minimum System Requirements Regression Test Suite Status Support Downloads


25th March 2010: I had been waiting for what seems like ages for GIT support to become mature for Windows (i.e. a GUI like TortoiseGIT) so I could migrate all the SVN repos here over to use GIT instead. I have been a long time fan of Subversion, in fact I was using it well before it reached its first stable release because it was SO much better than CVS which was truly appalling as a viable source revision control system. However, Subversion's design does make synchronising between my local master repos and the internet based ones inconvenient and tricky, and as my internet connection is neither fast nor hugely reliable having a local master repo is more than essential. GIT solves all these issues as there are no master repos really, so I finished the migration today after several days of experimentation to develop a good workflow (and work around bugs on the Windows implementations). From now on TnFOX uses GIT!

Regarding the next release, well FOX is taking forever to reach its v1.8 release and hence so is TnFOX. Much work has been ongoing in TnFOX, especially with nedmalloc and its integration into TnFOX. Feel free to work from GIT HEAD to see all the changes!

31st October 2008: v0.88.1 released. This is simply a point release to add Apple Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard support and reenabling C++0x rvalue move constructors for GCC v4.3 and later which had been disabled in v0.88 as they didn't work. No API changes have been made, though several important bugs have been fixed thanks to bug reports from various users.

As so few changes have happened, I won't be releasing binaries for anything beyond Apple Mac OS X.

13th June 2008: TnFOX v0.88 is out almost eleven months to the day from when v0.87 was released. New features this release:

  • Merged FOX v1.6.33 and SQLite v3.5.9
  • Added a few features from C++0x, the upcoming new C++ standard. So far we have proper static assertions instead of the TnFOX faked ones, the use of __func__ in error reporting and most significantly move constructors. Whether the compiler supports these or not is detected at runtime - currently only GCC v4.3 or later does (and currently has broken rvalue reference construction).
  • Added a SIMD optimised Maths::Vector generic metaprogrammed class capable of representing any arbitrary vector and using SIMD optimisation for those combinations supported by hardware. Currently, SSE gives you any multiple of 4 of floats and SSE2 gives you any multiple of 4 of ints, any multiple of 8 of shorts, plus any multiple of 2 of doubles. There are further optimisations for when SSE4 is available. Later on it'll have AVC, the forthcoming SSE replacement.
  • Replaced Maths::FRandomness with a SIMD version written using the new Maths::Vector code. This new implementation can generate 2Gb/sec of very high quality randomness versus 600Mb/sec with the non-SIMD version.
  • Rewritten FXFSMonitor to use inotify on Linux instead of FAM. This finally cures us of the plague of misbehaving FAM daemons hanging TnFOX programs on Linux (yay!). Obviously this means that TnFOX now requires a 2.6 kernel.
  • Improved UTF detection via testing for used & unused code planes. The new heuristic detector is much better.
  • Added automated tool for translating TnFOX translation files via Google Translation. TnFOX now comes with complete language support for Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese,  Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish & Swedish! And it is particularly cool to see all the help text appear in Hindi!

There was no Apple Mac available for testing and so this release does not come with Apple Mac binaries. Ditto goes for FreeBSD this release. Also, there is a bug in recent xorg's which prevents multithreaded GUI programs from working - this hangs TnFOX but ONLY when you run the GUI event loop via TnFXApp (non-multithreaded FXApp based applications are fine).

And once again, sadly no Python bindings - I just haven't had the time to work on them, sorry!

Older TnFOX news can be found here


  1. The TnFOX license
  2. Most recent changelog (54.92Kb) (The GIT HEAD version is here)
  3. Language translation files (English and Spanish are included):
    • none available as yet
  4. The documentation:
  5. Header files:
  6. Unified source tree:
  7. Precompiled Binaries: Logo Support This Project

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Microsoft Windows
(2000, XP, Vista)
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(Ubuntu hardy)
Apple Mac OS X Logo
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FreeBSD Logo
  i486 x64 i486 x64 i686 x64 i486 x64
Current (v0.88): 7.73Mb 8.35Mb 5.92Mb 6.07Mb 2.63Mb   None this release
Previous (v0.87): v1.4 based (7.51Mb)
v1.6 based (8.27Mb)
v1.4 based (7.29Mb)
v1.6 based (8.22Mb)
v1.4 based (4.81Mb)
v1.6 based (5.44Mb)
v1.4 based (5.00Mb)
v1.6 based (5.68Mb)
v1.4 based (2.41Mb)
v1.6 based (2.86Mb)
None this release None this release None this release
Older: To Sourceforge Download Page for older binaries

All binaries packages come with:

  1. The Core TnFOX library
  2. The Graphing Extension library
  3. The SQL database Extension library
  4. The no-GUI TnFOX library (useful for command line or daemon apps)
  5. AllTests executable, the automated test suite control program
  6. A TnFOX enhanced version of Adie, the FOX text editor


Optional extra graphic formats, compression & encryption support:- most Linux and BSD installations already come with these, so they are for Windows users mostly. Note firstly that I did not write these libraries, they are merely pointers to other places on the web for your convenience. Therefore I can not offer any assistance with their usage:

  1. The standard JPEG library
  2. The standard PNG library
  3. The TIFF library & the TIFF LZW compression patch (18Kb)
  4. The Zlib library
  5. The BZip2 library
  6. Dbghelp.lib & Psapi.lib
    I unfortunately can't supply these because of restrictive Microsoft licenses. You'll have to go get them by downloading the Platform SDK.
  7. OpenSSL library
  8. Boost library
  9. VTK library
  10. For Apple MacOS X users only: A full set of the missing JPEG, TIFF and PNG library binaries in /usr/local for Intel MacOS X only (3.67Mb)


The "other" FOX extension library

FOX Community

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