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TnFOX is available in parts so that you can pick and choose what you want: The current version of TnFOX is v0.88 and it was released on 13th June 2008 NOTE: TnFOX should be considered PRODUCTION READY code for Win32, Win64, Linux and Apple MacOS X. It should be considered BETA code for FreeBSD. On all platforms the python bindings are INCOMPLETE and still require further work. The next version of TnFOX will be v0.
A multithreading screenshot of TnFOX on X11 is here (125Kb) Screenshot of TnFOX adapting to a mobile phone and the user's handedness Download a self-contained Win32 version of the program below (897Kb) Welcome Features & Minimum System Requirements Regression Test Suite Status Support Downloads   Features of FOX: Portable to X11/POSIX (Linux, BSD, Apple MacOS X) and Microsoft Windows Wide range of easily extendable (via subclassing) widgets License based on the Library GNU Public License (LGPL) so can be used by closed-source & commercial applications Fast and Lightweight, noticeably faster than other C++ GUI toolkits Dynamic run-time binding of widgets to each other and to data via messaging Also provides OpenGL, drag & drop, anti-aliased fonts, MIME, graphics & compression support Unicode support     Additional features of TnFOX (see the library documentation below for more detail): Outstanding error handling & robustness tools, including full C++ exception support, exception safety within the extensions and full checking of all host OS errors.
Regression test suite for v0.88.1: The regression failure in TestEventLoops stems from a bug in current Xorg editions which hangs programs trying to operate X11 from multiple threads. This is being fixed by Xorg right now. TestIPC fails on x64 Linux due to a compiler bug in GCC v4.2. It works correctly on x86. TestMemoryPool failed on x86 Linux as it was being run on an x64 Linux under 32 bit emulation.
Mailing lists: A low-volume moderated announce list is at A general-purpose unmoderated list at or news:// (http) The general-purpose unmoderated list for the FOX toolkit upon which TnFOX is based is at or news:// (http) Support: Support is entirely provided by mailing list. Here's the procedure: Is your question already answered? Try searching the FOX toolkit mailing list and the TnFOX mailing list here.
TnFOX is a modern, secure, robust, multithreaded, exception aware, internationalisable, portable GUI toolkit library designed for mission-critical work in C++ and Python forked from the FOX library. It replicates the Qt API in many places and has been designed primarily for Tn, the port of Tornado to FOX.What will it work with? It runs on Microsoft Windows (2000 and after), Linux, FreeBSD and Apple Mac OS X. It will compile with MSVC7.

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