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30th November 2005


Wednesday 30th November 2005: 11.41pm. What have I been up to the last five weeks? I'm really not quite sure. Lots of stuff. Lots and lots of stuff. Emm, let's see, did a few class tests, went to visit Stuart and Anne from Colton/Protechnic with Johanna during reading week, wrote an essay or two, got the Union to invite Fritjof Capra to give us a talk, organising mine and Johanna's intersemester break which involves a lot of travelling, did some work on a memory allocator, tested a new python bindings generator, finished my lecture slides for February, fixed some bugs and ran some tests and generally, overall, worked rather hard on just about everything including study. No wonder I feel there is never enough time!

I was completely up to date with the reading at the end of reading week, and despite the oaths to myself to make sure I read no less than six chapters a week I haven't done it. In fact, I've stayed at about three, which means I'm well behind again with another class test and essay to come before end of term!

Anyway, it's now 2.30am as I've been doing stuff while writing this and it's definitely time for bed. Be happy!

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