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26th December 2005


Monday 26th December 2005: 3.05pm. Just woken up with a mild hangover - at least I drank plenty of water before bed and I was only on beer last night. And thinking about it, it's hard to think of a St. Stephen's Day in the last ten or fifteen years when I wasn't in more or less this same state after having done almost the same thing in the same neighbour's house on Christmas Day night. There are definite advantages to getting drunk two houses down each Christmas - and I remember remembering them last night as I struggled up the hill at 5am.

I have been busy since I got here, busier than I was with Johanna for those three days I stayed at hers after term ended. I deliberately didn't bring back any books in order to avoid all temptation to study - this may impact my grades, but I need to not do that stuff for a while. In what free time I have had here, I have mostly been working on my memory allocator which now has a per-thread cache which supposedly should reduce locking though it only became stable last night. I also must clear my >500 email backlog, design some flyers for my lecture series and get back onto those python bindings.

However, tomorrow I shall be at the Kev Murphy football match once again which will culminate in the usual quantity of drinking. That and that I still have to catch up with quite a few friends yet means that the next eight days are going to go very quickly indeed ... be happy!

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