Niall’s virtual diary archives – Monday 23rd February 2015

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Monday 23rd February 2015: 5.45pm. Location: Dromahane.

We now have the ability to store frozen food. And more than two days of fresh food for that matter. And with added chilled water! Frost free for both freezer and fridge, including delivery came to just under €400 from Argos who are clearing them out so 150 cheaper than usual, the water dispenser made this model quite hard to sell actually. Build quality is cheap but not terrible, plastics are thin but rough edges are hidden, I will say the heat exchanger on the back is barely attached though and would fall off with the first tap. Design wise it's well thought through, easy to clean, easy to access, clever shelf options. I can see why Beko who are one of the two big Turkish OEM manufacturers of the very cheapest appliances are doing well with their own branded stuff, at nearly half the price of the big brand goods (also usually made in Turkey or China, sometimes also by Beko under contract) this is nicely executed for the price. And I like the black colour, it cost 40 extra but it really works well, I think it looks quite swish and seeing as it will live in my office due to lack of space anywhere else on the ground floor, this is good. As with most Beko models it is unusually allowed to live in an unheated garage, for any other brand if it's not a chest freezer they slap on an extra 250 for the dual thermostat and alternative cold capable refrigerant (typical refrigerants nowadays won't work well below 16C so your electricity bill rises when you put the appliance in a cold room. This isn't a problem with most Bekos). That to me said flexibility into the future wherever we end up living, assuming it will be reliable of course.
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