Niall’s virtual diary archives – Monday 16th February 2015

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Monday 16th February 2015: 12.01am. Just cleared two weeks of email backlog. About the same time that I have been burning the midnight oil staying up after Megan and Clara go to bed trying to get the next release of proposed Boost.AFIO out the door ... and it is still not there, nor will it be for many more nights :(. I have bought myself a raft of alcohol which is to be my reward after I finish and ship the release - until then, I get to look at it and not touch a drop, maybe it might aid motivation. The only good news from all this is that I think I have enough material now to do a full one hour talk on AFIO at CppCon 2015, probably entitled "Boost.AFIO: Racing the Filing System" or something similarly pithy and double entendred. As this May's C++ Now will be my last due to it costing three grand every time I go, here's hoping that I can replace that with CppCon which ought to be much cheaper (travel costs are covered if you present, so that's a grand saved right there).


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