Niall’s virtual diary archives – Thursday 26th February 2015

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Thursday 26th February 2015: 4.12am. Link shared:

First time in a long time I've seen a Dell laptop I liked the look of: the new Dell XPS 13. My current laptop is an ex corporate Dell E6410 I imported from the US for €200, and with a new battery and dock I got a very robust if a bit legacy setup for €300. I've no complaints with this laptop for the price, it does everything I want and more, but the heft of the thing annoys me, as does the truly dreadful colour reproduction on its display panel. Its only real win is that Clara could dance all over it and throw it and she can't damage it, the case is made all metal. Problem is, ex corporate laptops with an IPS panel are still €800 plus, and the resolution is still nothing great nor has the weight improved, corporate laptops are heavy and metallic.

That XPS 13 though has a stunning 3200x1800 resolution IPS panel, it ought to be a joy to look at. Despite the 13" screen, its dimensions are more like 12" and for me a 12" laptop is the biggest you can have which isn't annoyingly big. It also weighs an amazing 1.25 kg, that's even lighter than my former Intel Atom netbook. All I can say is well done Dell. Going private ownership is obviously working out. Though I can't justify €1500 on a new laptop, so it'll be at least this time next year before I start trawling the second hand market for one. Until then, I have ebay emailing me regularly, once they get below €500 I'll jump.

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