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You know, that Yauco Selecto Vatican coffee has been growing on me over the last few days. The trick is not just slapping in any old amount of coffee and water, but to get the quantities exactly right. If you do get them exactly right, the coffee is quite sublime. Way over-roasted I still think, and from searching Google Yauco Selecto is a mild roast, not Old Government Java style way-over-the-top roast, but it's hard to completely wreck quality coffee. I'm looking forward to the Panamanian coffee once this bag is done, the one I had last year was absolutely superb.

BEurtle v1.50 alpha 1 will almost certainly be released today. While slow as a dog on an Atom netbook, it's usable, and the new features are extremely useful. And I have to get moving - this weekend I do my last and final annual trip to Northern Ireland with my sister, on the return from which I'm going to finally get to see Newgrange which the Neolithic Irish Indo-Europeans built before the Egyptians built the Pyramids, but just after we return there is my OU Maths coursework deadline. As I wouldn't have the time to do it then, I'll have to do it now before we leave.

Now, before I get back to coding, I think I'm going to go mow the grass before lunch. We have had a very rare break in the constant rain that is Summer 2012 in Ireland since yesterday, so I better take advantage of it. If this summer keeps at it like this, I may have to mow the grass while it's raining which is no fun, not least because the mower gets constantly jammed.

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