Niall’s virtual diary archives – Wednesday 18th July 2012

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Wednesday 18th July 2012: 11.37am. Link shared:

Didn't get BEurtle v1.50 alpha 1 out yesterday thanks to being stumped by how to sign Windows Installer files (turns out you must hack the MSBuild project files directly with a text editor, and then you must hack your Windows certificate store also directly via the command line). Definitely, surely will be today though.

Did however get round to installing Privoxy onto the the main pfsense gateway for the house (which is actually a VM instance in the house cloud node). Pfsense now transparently intercepts all HTTP traffic entering or leaving the house and routes it through Privoxy which strips out pretty much anything which could be used to identify a person over time (i.e. it lets through temporal id stuff such as session cookies so you can do your online banking, but things like permanent Google and Facebook cookies are filtered out) and while it's at it, it also strips out some of the advertising.

Why bother when there are lots of browser addons (e.g. Adaware, Ghostery) which do the same? Simple: you can't get those addons for mobile devices yet, and I do most of my web browsing at night in bed after Megan has gone to sleep. The other thing is that those addons add noticeable lag to my Atom netbook, and turning them off is beneficial even just to substantially reduce how much memory Chrome chews up. I was up till after 3am getting all this working though (sadly I broke IPv6 routing in the process), so pretty exhausted today. Meh.

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