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Monday 16th July 2012: 9.39am. Link shared:

Much to my amazement, I completed a fully functional (according to the new virgin Windows XP VirtualBox unit test) suite of Windows installers including fancy-dancy bootstrapping self-.NET-2.0-downloading installer yesterday. That's about three days less than expected, and I can thank the v3.6 RC release of WiX for that. Its new burn bootstrapper actually made doing Windows Installers much better than "fun, fun, fun" for the first time for me at least. Sure, it spits out a 12Mb installer due to not making it easy to cope with 32/64 bit similarities, but to be honest "so what"? I'll supply the non-bootstrapped installers for advanced users (still 5.5Mb each) anyway. Why so large? Well, each bundles a stripped embedded copy of Python v2.7.2 to solve the BE dependency problem of BEurtle v1.0.

I'm down to three known issues to fix before the v1.5 alpha 1 BEurtle release. Looking good!

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