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1. Tornado III
Strange feeling to be putting this page up again. I've done it now twice before in 1998 (Tornado II) and 1995 (Tornado I). And here now is my third attempt in 2002. What is "Tornado"? Uses data components & streams as the programming model instead of object orientation Removes the user interface productivity wall Guarantees future-proof code for next 30 years To sum up: The fundamental focus of the whole Tornado project is to make your computing experience, whether it be using or programming, as productive as possible - both now and well into the future. ...

2. The Fair Use Licence
Traditional closed-source proprietary software licences are bad for software, the users and society for all the perfectly valid reasons the FSF give. Here's a summary of what I think are the most important ones: Inefficient Much work must be duplicated because existing implementations cannot be easily reused. Furthermore, a programmer may find a bug in a third-party library but will not be able to fix it directly without the sources. ...

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