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1. Sunday 21 February 2021
We currently live in a former council house near Mallow, Cork which suffers rather from damp and mould, though certainly not as bad as in many Irish houses, especially ones in the humid south. This gives us all constant coughs, plus our sinuses are always congested, and we often don’t sleep as well as we might because we wake up early due to being unable to breathe due to being all bunged up. ...

2. Sunday 17 October 2021
For several recent posts now in my series on my future house build I have been hoping to implement a custom Home Assistant integration for the custom logic I wrote in my keenly priced industrial grade scriptable PIC32-based Devantech dS3484 ethernet relay and input board. Last post three weeks ago I said I was feeling pretty burned out from all this post-day-job work, so I was going to take a weekend off, which I did. ...

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