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1. Sunday 29th July 2012
Sunday 29th July 2012: 8.36pm. Link shared: As I need to configure a ZFS software RAID-Z redundant storage pool for my cloud before I emigrate to Canada (i.e. buy a new 3Tb hard drive), I was very pleased to find a hardware vendor that publishes the return rates of the products it sells which is very, very rare anywhere on the internet. Turns out those 2nd gen Sandforce SSDs are seeing a 10-15% return rate which is astronomical, and it's not like that technology is remotely new yet they keep fobbing off consumers with SSDs that just don't work. ...

2. Thursday 9th August 2012
Thursday 9th August 2012: 9.35pm. Looks like my +Corsair #Force #SSD boot drive (based on the infamously crap #Sandforce #SF-1200 chipset) really is truly dead. Last time it died I was able to resurrect it with a Secure ATA erase i.e. hard factory reset, but this time it's completely unresponsive to anything and appears to lock up during device initialisation. Thankfully, given it had hosed my Windows 7 install twice before, I had nothing important on it, but it's still irritating and inconvenient. ...

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