Niall’s virtual diary archives – Thursday 9th August 2012

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Thursday 9th August 2012: 9.35pm. Looks like my +Corsair #Force #SSD  boot drive (based on the infamously crap #Sandforce #SF-1200 chipset) really is truly dead. Last time it died I was able to resurrect it with a Secure ATA erase i.e. hard factory reset, but this time it's completely unresponsive to anything and appears to lock up during device initialisation. Thankfully, given it had hosed my Windows 7 install twice before, I had nothing important on it, but it's still irritating and inconvenient. Anyway, I ordered a not cheap 256Gb #Samsung 830 replacement SSD given how impressive the 128Gb model I bought for the cloud node was. I'll be buying an #ivybridge  new PC anyway when I get to Canada with its low sales taxes, so I'm considering the new SSD the first bit of that new PC. Shame my old PC only has 3Gbps SATA, that 830 pretty much maxes out a 6Gbps link read/write let alone a 3Gbps link ...

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