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Wednesday 4th June 2014: 9.42am. The next step in curing the RSI arrived. Below is the Steelcase Please task chair, normally retailing for about a grand but second hand for £120 including delivery to Ireland from eBay UK. The Please is the European (French) alternative to the famous Steelcase Leap chair, and some would claim is superior, but for my purposes it doesn't hold its value as well as the Leap which would be about twice as expensive second hand (and a quarter the cost of a Herman Miller second hand), so from a cost perspective it was a real steal for what it is.
Friday 30th May 2014: 9.12am. Location: Dromahane. This RSI doesn't appear to be curing itself despite me taking care of myself for two weeks now, and I avoided typing during the week in Aspen so that's three weeks now of restraint. Yesterday for example I barely used the right at all, using the left to click and type. The finger joints and knuckles simply ache at the end of the day, and I worry I'll see bleeds from them again.

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