Niall’s virtual diary archives – Wednesday 4th June 2014

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Wednesday 4th June 2014: 9.42am.

The next step in curing the RSI arrived. Below is the Steelcase Please task chair, normally retailing for about a grand but second hand for £120 including delivery to Ireland from eBay UK. The Please is the European (French) alternative to the famous Steelcase Leap chair, and some would claim is superior, but for my purposes it doesn't hold its value as well as the Leap which would be about twice as expensive second hand (and a quarter the cost of a Herman Miller second hand), so from a cost perspective it was a real steal for what it is. And while it is well used, they are terribly well made, I certainly found nothing worse than a squeak in the head rest and a lot of scuffs.

Before anyone asks about comfort, remember good work chairs are about making as many ways of sitting badly uncomfortable as possible while making sitting in good positions the least tiring. So a good work chair is really about targeted discomfort :) and on that I'll need more experience sitting on it before I can comment usefully. I'm sure it'll be better than the kitchen chair I got this RSI from though, that's for sure!

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