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1. Friday 7th September 2012
Friday 7th September 2012: 11.37pm. Link shared: Been playing around this past week with a pay as you go (prepaid) GSM mobile SIM called "Speakout" by 7-11 (the convenience stores) in Canada. It features a European style charging model (i.e. you don't pay when someone rings or texts you and there are no automatic monthly charges), $0.25/min flat rate call charges and all you can eat (really 2Gb monthly before they cap your speed) mobile " ...

2. Monday 10th December 2012
Monday 10th December 2012: 5.37am. Link shared: Something very odd this past week since we moved into our new flat has been the appalling internet performance with our Rogers High Speed Cable Internet. Instead of the 36Mbit we're supposed to be getting, we were seeing about 2.5Mbit. Why? Well, a traceroute showed this:C:\Documents and Settings\ned>tracert route to [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 2 ms 3 ms 3 ms pfsense. ...

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