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1. Monday 07 December 2020
Long time readers of this virtual diary will remember when I occasionally spot a new household technology a few years before it becomes mainstream, and review it here. One memorable such review was that of LED filament bulbs all the way back in 2014 where I bought a 3w unit for my hallway for €20. It put out a lot of nice warm light considering it consumes 3w, and I can tell you right now that it’s still working fine after six years despite being almost always turned on. ...

2. Sunday 31 January 2021
This is the ATorch DL24, a cheap Chinese battery load tester available from Aliexpress and others for about US$30. It is quite famous amongst internet battery testing enthusiasts, because it offers a comprehensive feature suite for one twentieth the cost of typical battery testers. It will do: Constant current testing (Amps) Constant resistance testing (Ohms) Constant power testing (Watts) Constant voltage testing (Volts) You can program it to stop if voltage drops below a minimum, so you don’t wreck your batteries, or if your battery gets too hot, to prevent explosions. ...

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