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1. Monday 08 November 2021
Today I’m going to divert from my usual focus on embedded systems in my series on my future house build. Last post I said I’d been quite fatigued during the two weeks since I fell ill, and I’m sorry to say these past three weeks have not been much better. Apart from sleeping and working, I have had no energy to do much else – no WG21 papers, no open source, no embedded systems programming, no custom Home Assistant integration work, no gym nor anything outside work and sleep. ...

2. Thursday 18 November 2021
Last post in my series on my future house build I described the house we have designed and submitted for preplanning feedback using Virtual Reality via the Oculus Quest 2, and I did some rough ‘back of envelope’ energy modelling to see if it would meet Passive House energy consumption standards. I concluded by looking forward to seeing if a PHPP model of the house (PHPP is the computer modelling software for Passive Houses) would match my crude calculations. ...

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