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Monday 3rd February 2014: 5.47am. Link shared: After three days of work, finally nailed the last bug in my third major refactoring of Boost.AFIO's core dispatch engine (which has had its line count reduced by fifty lines, so the implementation is now quite considerably shorter and simpler than before), so now the baby is welcome to turn up whenever it likes! :) This last bug was a real corker only affecting the very most recent C++11 compilers only, not helped by me being completely unable to replicate it here at home on VS2013 which doesn't exhibit the problem (I had my poor netbook soak testing the unit test suite, repeatedly running it for hours and nary a crash nor failure in sight!
Sunday 29th September 2013: 7.03pm. Bleh I'm feeling rough today. Last night whilst watching TV with Megan I had this crazy idea of how to make proposed Boost.AFIO - yes I know it's supposed to be finished as of last Monday - lock free, even wait free apart from the pesky std::unordered_map<> which would need locks around it. And it sufficiently excited me that I just had to get to work on it right now i.
Tuesday 24th September 2013: 1.14am. So Google Summer of Code 2013 ended today! Boost.AFIO is more or less peer review ready - some additional unit tests to be added mainly to get the code coverage back up, otherwise it's done. Paul will still need some time to finish his directory monitoring feature, but that is fairly orthogonal to the existing code base and its lack of presence doesn't disturb anything.
Thursday 29th August 2013: 1.15am. Link shared: So last few days I've been doing some prototyping and experimentation with how to enumerate directories far, far quicker than one usually can as part of implementing the #1 requested feature for proposed Boost.AFIO before GSoC ends, Directory Monitoring Support (, and I have discovered many interesting things worth sharing.We all know the common advice to never put too many files into a single directory because "
Saturday 24th August 2013: 5.18am. Boost.AFIO finally goes all green on the CI ... you have no idea how many dozens and dozens of hours of debugging race conditions in other people's code (and then figuring out workarounds in AFIO code) it has taken to reach this point.I am actually quite emotional. Such a huge amount of effort. So many, many bugs and weirdnesses in the older STLs and Boost.
Sunday 11th August 2013: 11.22pm. Proposed Boost.AFIO is now within spitting distance of all green :) Just that pesky VS2010 support to go really, Paul's been working hard on the C preprocessor programming to emulate variadic templates.#gsoc2013 #boostcpp #cpp #cpp11
Sunday 14th July 2013: 9.05pm. A long but productive week. The documentation for proposed Boost.AFIO is beginning to resemble something approaching final, despite having been a real pain to get working right. Paul continues to do great work in ripping bits out. As Google Summer of Code Milestone 1 is just three weeks away now, the race is on to deliver a peer review ready new Boost library by then.

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