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Monday 8th July 2013: 5.22am. Link shared: Another long weekend. I got a Windows XP unit test slave mostly working on my new cloud node: I configured a copy of Jenkins CI inside an OpenVZ container with the reverse caching proxy varnish ( fronted by the web server nginx which you can see at As one of its backends, I have a snapshotted VM running Windows XP with Visual Studio 2010 Express which is rolled back to the snapshot after every test using some cunning AJAX I wrote which uses the Proxmox REST API.
Friday 14th June 2013: 4.56am. Location: Waterloo, Ontario. It's a bit late for a Thursday, but we spent the evening celebrating the completion and hand off to GSoC of that software library I've been writing after work every day for the past four months. Going to take a week of evenings off before returning to the Google Summer of Code grindstone. Besides, it's all on the poor student now. It'll be real tough learning curve climb next two weeks especially, so I'll need to be quick on answering the email!
Thursday 13th June 2013: 4.05am. Link shared: My async file i/o library is done! Feature complete, valgrind clean, 90% unit test coverage. Paul now has a free run for GSoC Boost.AFIO!#boostcon #gsoc2013 #gsoc #boost #c++ 
Sunday 2nd June 2013: 12.02am. Link shared: I guess it's now safe to announce that I have been appointed by Google as a Google Summer of Code 2013 mentor for two Boost C++ libraries, proposed Boost.AFIO (asynchronous file i/o support for C++) and proposed Boost.Trie (a prefix tree indexed STL C++ container). Both of these GSoC projects will be of immense benefit to the C++ ecosystem for all C++ users, and stand as strong candidates for future incorporation into a future ISO C++ language standard.
Friday 17th May 2013: 5.50am. Location: Aspen Meadows Resort. For me C++ Now 2013 is over as I fly onto Megan's school reunion in Culver early tomorrow morning. What a conference! Am extremely drained though. Could have done with an extra day of doing nothing after really to recover.#c++now #c++ #boost #boostcon
Sunday 12th May 2013: 5.06pm. Link shared:,+Meadows+Road,+Aspen,+CO&hl=en&sll=39.185034,-106.821957&sspn=0.062403,0.110378&oq=aspen+meadow&hq=Aspen+Meadows+Resort,+Meadows+Road,+Aspen,+CO&t=m&z=14&source=gplus-ogsb Currently in Aspen Meadows, Colorado for the C++ Now 2013 conference. Never been into the Rockie Mountains before, always was either on one side or the other looking up at them rather than being surrounded by them. Scenic place this, albeit highly manufactured. Pricey too - before joining BlackBerry I wouldn't have been able to justify the expense, but now after ten days of exhaustion with Boost GSoC, the UW research retreat on alternatives to growth, plus of course a full BlackBerry workload, well yeah I'm taking today off.
Friday 3rd May 2013: 5.05am. It's 1.02am and I just nailed a memory corruption bug in my async file i/o library which I've submitted to Google Summer of Code 2013 as a proposed new Boost library (turns out you must be careful of overriding Boost macro defaults). Was up till 1.24am last night getting a clean compile on GCC 4.6, 4.7, 4.8 and clang 3.2 on ARM. Student coding test example solution is finished and working.
Monday 29th April 2013: 1.10am. Twenty-four Google Summer of Code applications to Boost and rising. About half of them are serious applications, each with detailed and lengthy technical information needing a thoughtful consideration before scoring. Surprising the lack of Western names, I guess Western students don't think GSoC worth the time anymore? It's certainly a lot of work for what I suppose isn't considered much money (US$5000) in Western countries - we'd pay our interns in BlackBerry a lot more than that, and I don't think we'd work them quite as hard.

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