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Thursday 27th June 2013: 4.45am. Link shared: I was going to shell out for one of these today as I thought they'd be a top end phone with Android delivered and maintained by Google as if they were Nexus devices, but when I did some searching around I found out they'll be OEM updated, not Google updated. Which means an update frequency like Samsung does for my Galaxy Nexus, which, despite being exactly identical code to the Google updates, takes Samsung about three months longer to get round to it for no especial reason.
Saturday 9th February 2013: 11.59pm. Thought I'd share some interesting data ... this graph shows how compressible a dump of physical RAM from a series of virtual machines containing various operating systems is. This might give some idea as to how efficiently physical RAM is used by those operating systems on the basis that the less compressible their dump is, the more information they are packing into physical RAM, and therefore the less wasteful of physical RAM they are being.
Tuesday 31st July 2012: 12.18am. So, I finally got my new second hand +BlackBerry #playbook working and up to date with the bleeding edge v2.1 beta Playbook OS. First impressions: I really wasn't expecting it to match or exceed Android 4.0, yet it repeatedly does - for the most part.Things way better than #Android or #iOS : multitasking, task switching, having a touch sensitive bezel you can do gestures with, third party services integration (e.
Thursday 12th July 2012: 2.57pm. Just spent half an hour playing with my new +Android 4.1. In fairness, it's a reasonable update from Android 4.0 - in particular, Google have finally - and at long last - matched the +iPhone for flashy, fadey UI gimmicks, and the UI is now fast enough you can't usually outpace it with your tapping. It now feels very like an iPhone in use, except that everything is darkly themed whereas the iPhone is brightly themed.
Thursday 12th July 2012: 1.38pm. So, yesterday +Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OTA update comes out for my +Galaxy Nexus so at about 11pm I go to apply it. An assert barfs that my build.prop has been changed, so I hand edit it to make it look like stock. It still barfs (it's not like build.prop having a single character out should fail an OTA update). I try manually downloading the update in case it got corrupted.

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