Niall’s virtual diary archives – Thursday 27th June 2013

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Thursday 27th June 2013: 4.45am. Link shared:

I was going to shell out for one of these today as I thought they'd be a top end phone with Android delivered and maintained by Google as if they were Nexus devices, but when I did some searching around I found out they'll be OEM updated, not Google updated. Which means an update frequency like Samsung does for my Galaxy Nexus, which, despite being exactly identical code to the Google updates, takes Samsung about three months longer to get round to it for no especial reason.

Why drop $600 on a phone with less features than a straight unlocked developer model if you get only slightly better Android update frequency and it's not by Google themselves? Sorry, you just killed the purchase for me. I'll wait for the next Nexus thank you :( No point buying an unlocked phone without subsidy if I remain at the mercy of OEMs getting around to updates six months later than they should :(

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