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Jpeg2Html is a simple command line utility which converts a directory full of jpeg files into a directory structure suitable for web browsing complete with clickable thumbnails. As far as I have found, there is no program available which has the intelligent sizing of thumbnails that Jpeg2Html has.Features: Always produces thumbnails with a correct aspect ratio (not squished) Extremely fast - a twenty image directory is converted in only five seconds Uses the IJG v6 jpeg library and so is extremely compliant with all types of JFIF based jpeg (no formats not recognised e.
300) { w=elem.width(); h=elem.height(); scale=w/300.0; elem.width(w/scale); elem.height(h/scale); } }); height = $(gplusfeeddoc).height(); if(prodBrowser) $("iframe#rssfeed").hide(); $("iframe#rssfeed").height(height); } dynamicresize(); if($("iframe#rssfeed").height()16) $("iframe#rssfeed").show('slow'); } $("iframe#rssfeed").load(rssfeedload); -- This is a TortoiseXXX plugin for the Bugs Everywhere distributed issue tracker. The plugin integrates with TortoiseSVN, TortoiseGIT, TortoiseHG, TortoiseBZR etc. etc. to provide a pretty GUI interface for embedded, personal issue tracking. What is embedded personal issue tracking? This is when you keep an issue tracker - the same thing most centralised source code websites like sourceforge or github have - stored locally within your project's source code.
ptmalloc2 is one of the fastest dynamic memory allocators for multithreaded systems around and also causes remarkably low memory fragmentation. It isn't my code at all, but in the process of implementing the FXMemoryPool class in TnFOX I backported it from glibc to win32. Therefore this edition of ptmalloc2 compiles for both Windows and POSIX Unix and to my knowledge is the only version of ptmalloc2 available for Windows.
SymLink is a windows utility to create and delete symbolic links on NTFS 5 volumes. That's right folks, you can now map any directory in Windows 2000 and later to any other directory or drive just like Unix has permitted for decades!Obvious uses include moving applications out of c: to free up space but having them all continue to appear in c:\program files or even making the cumbersome drive letter system appear to vanish.
StickyFront is a utility which enhances and modifies the Win32 user interface to make it quicker and easier to use. The alterations include: Ability to quickly stick and unstick windows to the front Much quicker access to the main window menu (as a context menu) Suppression of modal dialog boxes - now you can alter windows disabled by dialogs! Extension of file drag & drop allowing loading and saving files to be done entirely by drag & drop!
Flow is a simple game for Win32 based machines based on a cellular automata algorithm which mimics the properties of a liquid. It is not a game with an object or goal like most eg; like scoring points or killing something, but it is rather more like a toy which exists merely to be fiddled with. A good example of something similar is a game used by many charities where coins inserted at the top fall through the game, hitting off things as they go.
This little section of the ned Productions website is dedicated to the Win32 programs I have made publicly available: BEurtle A TortoiseXXX plugin for the Bugs Everywhere distributed issue tracker. Flow A little DirectX game that I have written which essentially involves the player pushing water around the screen. Probably not for everyone, but it certainly is addictive for those which take to it. Jpeg2Html Useful utility which takes a directory full of jpeg files, intelligently resizes them (whilst keeping their proportion) into thumbnails, and creates a html file which depicts the thumbnails linked to their originals.

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