ned Productions – Win32 programs

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This little section of the ned Productions website is dedicated to the Win32 programs I have made publicly available:

  • BEurtle
    A TortoiseXXX plugin for the Bugs Everywhere distributed issue tracker.

  • Flow
    A little DirectX game that I have written which essentially involves the player pushing water around the screen. Probably not for everyone, but it certainly is addictive for those which take to it.

    Useful utility which takes a directory full of jpeg files, intelligently resizes them (whilst keeping their proportion) into thumbnails, and creates a html file which depicts the thumbnails linked to their originals. Comes with sources.

  • StickyFront2
    The complete ground-up rewrite of StickyFront, far more stable and with lots more features.

  • StickyFront
    Useful utility which allows the user to "stick" a window to the front. Small, customisable, this utility can be invaluable sometimes.

  • SymLink
    Utility which permits creation and deletion of symbolic links on NTFS 5


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