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14th September 1999

Niall goes to a London squat rave

Tuesday 14th September 1999: 4.56pm. Agh. My brain feels like it's in a pressure cooker. Any form of brain action (eg; like walking) causes extreme pain. Needless to say, forming these sentences and telling my hands to type them is really hurting ...

Well, the last two weeks have gone okay. I had three exams, two of which were resits and I'm currently sleeping in a spare bed at a mate's. A lot of weed has gone up in smoke and plenty more besides. Hmm, I'm getting ahead of myself, let me start from the start.

I got back from Canada on the Sunday, found everyone on comedown from some nasty pills and in addition they'd smoked all their weed. Managed to find some weed the next day, expensive though :(. Then I kicked through the exams, swallowed some pills on the night after my last exam (last Tuesday, exactly a week ago) and then effectively went on a bender since then. Even now I'm barely functional.

However, it has to be said that the highlight of these two weeks was this weekend when I attended my first London squat rave. We got started last Friday by hammering some very powerful skunk from 9am Friday and then hammering MDA right throughout the early hours of Saturday morning. We stayed up, got the train down to London (still hammering the MDA) and then idled things away until we found out the location of the squat rave (somewhere in London Bridge) in a disused warehouse. Round 2am everything got going and by 4am we were well twisted, by 6am everyone in the entire place was twisted and by 9am most had freaked out and ran off. We finally left around 3pm when the music went off and we got back here to Hull late Sunday night. Since then it's been coping with the comedown :(

Man, that place was really fucked up. Rumour had it that Bedlam were playing last Saturday on their last rave of this century as they were heading for Australia to do a millenium squat rave down there. As a result, the dealers had well stocked up on pretty much everything - there was loads of pills, alcohol, crystal meth, acid, ketamine, weed, coke, etc etc. The acid and ketamine didn't arrive until around 2-3am so everyone knocked it back around the same time so hence everyone got really wired around 6am. There were crowds of people running around away from imaginary things chasing them, so utterly screwed they ran into walls and windows etc. Some guy really mashed up his face putting it through a window and the police came in to carry him out. This was a bad thing as next moment "Busies are coming! They're busting us!" caused everyone to go into a mass hallucination driven paranoid frenzy - all five hundred or so. People were really freaking out badly - but me, I just stayed in my corner, the only area of the world which seemed even remotely sane. Everyone left that room except me - I stayed put until the acid wore off.

I managed to get through over two hundred quid's worth of drugs that night - ten pills, eight acid, quarter ounce of skunk, a few lines of coke and meth, and a few lines of ketamine (this is an evil substance BTW). I went into alternative reality, round the continuum and was thrown rather forcibly into somewhere else where I'm still returning from. It's Tuesday now and I still have to work to think. Maybe I fried a few synapses last Saturday. Certainly it was an experience I'm not going to forget in a hurry. Some people do what I did every week for god's sake, jesus christ ...

And now we have a week and a half of boredom until Fresher's Fair begins and we start the loop once more. Wonder what I'll do? Maybe be productive? I normally would say probably I'll try but not succeed, but I think this weekend has taught me something - I can get absolutely trashed and spend lots and lots of money, but where does it get you ultimately? A night of reality being twisted? That's all really - and once you've done it a few times, there seems little point in doing it again - you can only get so fucked up. Of course, being productive can get you a lot further - you can get things done. Maybe it's time for that now?

Urgh, I think that's as far as I can get today. I'll try for another entry sometime soon. When I'm a little less spaced out and a little more capable of thinking. We'll see. Anyway, until next time, be happy, and hope to see you all again soon!

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