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5th October 1999

First entry since returning to the Lawns

14th October 1999  
22nd October 1999

Taking loads of pills again at various places, some words on the death of Kev Murphy

30th October 1999

Thoughts of Cream, the super-club!

Tuesday 5th October 1999: 5.22pm. Ooo, three weeks since the last update! Sorry everyone, and thanks to all emailing me who were somewhat worried I might have died or something (previous entry might have been a bit worrying, true). Yeah, essentially I spent a week recuperating from the squat rave and then there was the week prior to moving back into the Lawns, most of which was spent generating stuff for the LCS fresher's fair. Then Saturday, first night at the Lawns, all us returning students got really shit-faced and then the first week of normal uni life was over. This weekend was spent mostly locked in my room with a bong and a large bag of skunk in order to avoid taking any pills this weekend. I've been on them every weekend since I came back (or more) and I felt it was about time to get used to not taking them. Which wasn't made much easier by everyone I know taking them anyway, but I survived. I feel justifyable proud I think!

Anyway, there's not been a lot to report really. The start of my third year of life here at Hull has been quite an anti-climax. I was smoking a joint today with two girls I know and they were also saying how as third years, the start seemed quite anti-climatic when compared to memories of past years. Weirdly, even with me being at the Lawns again, it's been the same my end. Maybe our memories of yesteryear have become shinier with time?

Right, that's enough for now - just wanted to let everyone know I'm still alive. I've been waiting for my internet connection to do a proper update with proper tools (rather than typing HTML as at present) which should hopefully be sometime this week. I'll also write a bit more about the sad and untimely death of a friend of mine whom I grew up with, a lad called Kev Murphy. He died last Sunday week at only twenty-one years of age. It's hit me quite hard to be honest. And that plus a friend of mine getting busted this weekend, well, it's been a bad weekend all round.

Anyway, more about all that when I have some decent tools to type with. Until then, be happy, see you all again soon!


Wednesday 14th October 1999: 5.41am. Whoah, finally archived off all those entries! Anyway, I'm still alive and kicking although I haven't been getting too much done over the last few days. I'll definately spend tomorrow doing various things which need doing.

And umm, I'm on comedown off pills, so I really don't have much on my mind. It's very vacant right now. This was mainly to let you know I'm here and doing stuff. I'll try for a proper entry tomorrow night when I'm more with it and have something to say. Until then, be happy!

Friday 22nd October 1999: 2.58am. Wow, another week plus a bit gone. Uni life has picked up a bit in the last few weeks, and besides I've been busy anyway with various things. Hmm, let's see what's happened? Well, I went out to Fluid @ The Room last Wednesday (boshed 2 pills) and was completely out of it. I passed out Thursday afternoon and was unable to rouse myself for New Horizons so I missed it - however, my mobile rang at 1.30am and I was quickly let known of house party locations so in I went, and boshed another four pills. And umm, then came today where I managed to bosh a further four pills. And hence, as it were, I'm sitting here typing in the early hours of Saturday morning.

However, I've been really quite restrained in all. Last New Horizons I boshed down ten just that night, so four per night is a considerable improvement. And of course, when compared against the dizzy heights of last year, I'm being extremely restrained. Anyway, I am intending to round off this R&R period by going to Cream in Liverpool tomorrow night where needless to say, I shall more than likely bosh down a few more pills in one of England's most famous clubs. Should be interesting - me on the tail end of a four day pill binge. God help us if I also come across some acid ... ;)

Anyway, drugs talk over for now. What else has been happening? Well, there's been nothing new on the women front, but I have been meeting a lot of new people which has been cool. It's been alright these last few weeks actually. Ahh, I've just remembered what I was going to do (gets hard after being awake for three days solidly pilling ...) - I was going to say a few words about my friend Kev, who died recently.

I first met Kev (full name: Kevin Murphy) at my secondary school, Presentation Brothers College Cork. I think it was through being sat next to each other for some class or other. Anyway, it wasn't long before we were moving in similar social circles, mainly based around the An Phoenix pub in Cork which was notorious for allowing under-age drinkers in. Needless to say, there was many a night spent getting drunk in there.

Kev was a quiet lad by nature, however his cool exterior hid a melting pot inside. You sometimes got to see the inside passions in moments of stress, such as when he got particularly drunk or when people pissed him off (usually female). But he was certainly an intelligent lad and me and him got on well.

One particular memory I have of Kev is when he rescued me from the toilets of a club after I had drunk eighteen shots of vodka straight. I was only sixteen at the time, and so hence liable to go to the police cells had the bouncers found me. I always have felt from that day that Kev was something special, a good person to know that you would probably keep in touch with as the years went on.

Only days after my Leaving Cert exams were finished did I leave home, bound for a summer job in England. Since then, I have been home only on major holidays such as Christmas and Easter - not even the summer break, as I've spent each since leaving home working. I saw Kev from time to time over those two years, but usually fleetingly. He became involved with a girl called Cecilia not long after I left home, spent a good year with her before it broke up bitterly. I remember him telling me how at least he was glad he now had experience with such matters which would stand him in good stead for the future. Cecilia was in many ways was his first girlfriend.

However, this wasn't to be. He died probably a good month ago now, and very suddenly. Something wrong with his thyroid glands apparently, and it happened so devastatingly fast they couldn't stop it in time. Kev in the space of four days went from pretty much normality to dead, and that was without drugs fucking up his system. Freaky man ...

Anyway, I go home this Christmas break - I secured one of the last flights available. Whilst there I'll probably see a fair few of my old friends, but I won't see Kev. I had always thought there'd be plenty of time in the future to spend time with various people, and now that luxury has been taken away from me. I feel cheated. It's not fair.

Anyway, I'm close to spinning out - I need to lie down. I wish you all good fortunes and I hope to see you again soon! Until then, be happy!

Saturday 30th October 1999: 10.22pm. Tick, tock, there goes yet another week. I can't say I've much to report, the prior week's excesses took their toll and I wasn't very healthy for most of this week. Spent most of my time in bed, convalescing. However, I can now say I've been to Cream ... so what did I think? Well, I can't see why it's got the reputation it has. It's not a bad club by any means, but it's by no means a super club either. I myself would not spend hours in a queue and pay silly money to go into a club which isn't really one side or other of average. It could also do with improving their management whom I have to say were far too rude and condescending for their own good (the punters I don't think they can really do much about).

And that's pretty much that. I really haven't done anything else this week except lie in bed, unable to do anything without getting really bad vertigo. That's chemicals for you I guess ...

Okay, I'm off to a house party tonight although I don't think I'll be there too late as (a) it isn't a mash-up drugs fest thing and (b) I've got yet another chest infection on its way. Damn this weather - it's bloody freezing out there and don't my lungs realise it only too well! Umm, yup, that's it I think other than that my final year project report (due in Monday) has been updated.

Cool, see you all later and until then be happy!

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