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13th September 2005

End of summer

Tuesday 13th September 2005: 12.39pm. Well tis almost the night before the battle begins - tomorrow morning I return to St. Andrews. It's been an excellent summer - we had good weather, I learned how hard work it is to shovel 40 tonnes of rock from one place to another, went to Sweden for the first time and managed to add 9,196 lines of new code to my project, more than a 20% increase on two years of work.

Things continue to go well for me - I knew that after such a major down as was after Ruth there would be a substantial up, but I am becoming more surprised at its longevity and benefits as time goes on. If it keeps continuing, I may yet found the Neo-Capitalist movement! - which is also forming well in my mind. I should be able to attempt a prototype model soon, something simple maybe written in python.

One does feel a slight involuntary groan at the thought of what is to shortly come - an awful lot of work. You know the inevitability of it, and while you partially look forward to it you also partially wish it didn't have to be the case. On the other hand, as having beaten my previous maximum coding productivity by more than 50% proves, it's much easier to get on with things when you're busy - or working breeds productivity as one might say. With a bit of luck, I'll continue to keep most of my mornings free for coding and god bless her, Johanna is no longer living where I shall be so there will be less late nights. Speaking of which, from our timetables it isn't looking promising - at best I'll get no more than two nights with her per week and while we'll try for more, if they sustain last year's level of coursework then it isn't hopeful.

Sweden was interesting - much as one imagined it, but not as expensive relative to Ireland plus it also has swarms of mosquitoes, it being hotter than you might think for its latitude. If you lost the constant mosquito attacks, it was a pleasant time there - I got to row a boat on a lake which was fun. London was also good, saw everyone who is more or less doing the same sort of thing as before though there have been a few house changes. And trying to think of anything else which has happened in the past month, well, that's about it.

Ok, time to go write emails before I upload all this and start packing my bags. Be happy!

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