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24th May 2004

Definitely new glasses needed!

Monday 24th May 2004: 12.44am. About once a year I must use the computer as I am using it now - with a pillow case on my head and one eye covered, sometimes the left and sometimes the right (right now it's my right, so I must keep a fair distance from the screen). This is because I either leave my glasses somewhere else or as in this case, they are getting new lenses put into them. I've had the focal length brought right in so theoretically I'll get much less eye strain which has been a problem with my sixty hour weeks.

As for Tn, it boots and shuts down. Right now I'm debugging the capability system I described last time and it's a bit depressing that so little progress has been made in a whole month. Partially it's been because of headaches caused by bad glasses which sap your concentration but also various things have come up, like an odd job cutting down trees on Friday during which I did okay despite the total lack of any exercise. I seem oddly enough to remain pretty fit irrespective, but I don't know if that will last with age.

Just recently, now that we have satellite, I've been waking every morning to watch Farscape whose series 3 is on repeats at 10am. Series 3 I think was the most consistent series with no really crappy episodes and I'm glad to learn from the internet that they shall be producing a four hour special to round off the story - it's called Peacekeeper Wars so as you can guess, it's set against an all-out war which can't fail to be good. It's a real shame they cancelled that show.

And well, there is one other thing which has happened - this diary is now SIX years old! Who would have guessed it would still be going! While virtually nothing interesting ever happens to me any more, that might possibly change as of next September. Or I might stay old and boring which would favour exam results. Whatever, we'll see. Be happy!

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