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29th June 2004


Tuesday 29th June 2004: 11.52pm. For some odd reason, I tend to write diary entries when I'm feeling poorly. I hadn't even noticed the passage of time which if I had been just two days later than now, I would have finally for the very first time not made an entry during a calendar month. And well, that wouldn't have been good - surely enough must happen to me in a month to be able to generate a paragraph or two?

This month has been expensive - I must have spent €380 in the last two weekends which isn't good when you've only earned €1000 so far in the year (and that includes Christmas money). OTOH, I stand to earn around €500 this week which is how I justified last weekend's excesses, from which I am still recovering (not helped by some sort of glandular thing which has me getting very tired after only a few hours awake - this has robbed me of yesterday and much of today). The previous weekend was a stag weekend in Tralee for a friend from school who's getting married but last weekend was pure hedonism based upon MD arriving suddenly. I reckon you take these opportunities when they arise, though the two days you lose because of it is a price too high.

Tn is debugged and running very fine - the stats it posts are pretty gosh darn good - though I am still very surprised that MSVC outperformed Intel's compiler by about twice. So now I'm onto releasing v0.80 of TnFOX with all the improvements made in the last three months of testing. As I broke various things, some of the tests are being altered to cope but in general it goes well. I foresee a few tricky problems, such as FXMemoryPool dying when TestDeviceIO allocates a 64Mb chunk of memory. Its release certainly should be on for the first or second week of July and thereafter comes the Tn UI which should be finishable before September. While at that stage Tn won't be at all useable in a production sense, it will finally begin to look like something familiar - after all, it is by how its interface looks that users most measure recognition.

Ok, early rise tomorrow - I'll be installing a firewall for a few bob - be happy!

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