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8th March 2000

Life plods on nicely

30th March 2000

Life goes very well indeed

Tuesday 8th March 2000: 6.31am. Wow, that's like another three weeks gone. Amazing. Life goes very well at the moment, probably not least to the excellenet hashish supply I've acquired. I've smoked Moroccan Blond Hash (v. strong), Afghani pollen and just recently, Indian hashish and Moroccan pollen. The Indian is especially nice, it being somewhere between charas and manilla.

Also, the skunk supply has been as excellent as ever. We've had various varieties of super skunk and white widow, plus recently jack flash and a very flavoursome commercial skunk. Life never has been so good ...

Project is what is occupying most of my time right now. Less than three weeks to go now, I'm looking forward to getting it over and done with so I can get back to partying. That said, we've had some excellent parties recently, notably those after Future Methods and Transition which were on the two previous Thursdays. The mash-ups have continued, I got very fucked on Future Methods night.

And umm, life ticks on. Nothing much to note really. I guess in many ways life is also very boring right now, in that little of significance has been happening. It's all been work work work. And while the parties have continued, it's all very routine nowadays. Although I have gone on little mad missions to mad places at mad times. Still, it's all very ordinary.

But at the same time, it's been good. Routine, ordinary, but good. I've continued to meet lots of new people, and got work done at the same time. Not much more to be asked for in the short term really. Even better, Ruth told me she's coming for Easter break. I've nothing to do for that (was going to reimplement an old Acorn program on the PC actually, try and make some cash), so that's even better.

So sunny days are here. And they're coming in actuality too, the weather's been great today. Summer is on its way, replete with parties and lying in the sun all fucked up :)

Umm, okay, I'm off to have another hit off my new vapouriser before bed. Look after yourselves, and each other. And look forward to a big update when I've got the project out of the way, And until the next time, be happy!

Wednesday 30th March 2000: 2.53am. Heho, another three weeks. It's getting to be three weekly :). And what's new then? Well, my final year project for my degree which is like the singlemost biggest piece of coursework I've ever done is due next week. It goes well, oddly enough, and I intend to have it in next Wednesday so I can go to Grooverider on Thursday.

Umm, everything's still going very swimmingly. I have want for not as Shakespeare might say. Life's very peachy, and the increasingly summery days give rise to fond thoughts of sunny days spent lying in the sun smoking joints and drinking beer. And probably munching pills, but hey, that's like ubiquitous now really.

Actually, it is. I was reading a MixMag survey recently (one of the leading UK dance magazines, something like 96% of its readership take pills. Mad!), and its yearly survey of its pill-popping readership showed some amazing trends in pill usage. Pills have dropped sharply in price again, they're now £6.58 on average (we can get them for £5 here, soon to drop to £4). Pill taking has changed massively over the last three years, with the average of 1.5 pills taken in a night rising to over 3. Apparently binge pilling has become the rage, with 1.5% of respondents having taken more than thirty pills in a session and 1.2% having taken more than ten in one night (twelve hours).

It would seem from this that people no longer want to get high, but completely fucked. I personally attribute this to the severe lack of LSD this country has right now, which has led people seeking psychedic stimulation to use lots of pills or increasingly ketamine, a horse tranquiliser. Thankfully, both are virtually impossible to kill oneself on, although ket can let your soul fly free from your body and traverse energy streams travelling through your domicile. Strong stuff!

Anyway, that was just some interesting anecdotes from my brain. I'm pretty tired and stoned right now, been up since 8am and it'll be that again in seven hours time. Hmm, seventeen hours awake. Not bad.

Okay, I'm off to update my project webpages, which of course you should all visit. Meanwhile, be happy, and when I get this project in I'll come back with a proper entry!

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