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17th February 2000

Not a lot!

Thursday 17th February 2000: 3.36am. Just wanted to let you all know that I'm still alive (thanks for the emails BTW!). Nah, sorry for the month long delay, it was a case of birthday celebrations, then the annual january blues, then the hard drive crashed, then I got most of a new computer, then I spent two weeks figuring why it wouldn't work culminating in sending the bastard motherboard back, then another while getting everything working again. I'm sure you can see how five weeks just vanished.

Anyway, my most greatest apologies for not finishing off the last entry. Breaking with this diary's tradition of not altering entries once written, I shall endeavour to finish it at some stage. Not sure when, it's been very busy recently and tonight I discovered that my project is due before the start of the easter break, not after as would seem logical. Hence, I'm looking forward to a considerable amount of more business. I think I might knock the class A usage on the head for a bit though, it has been consuming much money and time recently.

Umm, what else? I went to see Ozric Tentacles tonight, they are a psychedelic rock band which have been going since I think nearly forever. Good stuff, was completely straight for it, great light show.

Anything else? Not much, I want to go to bed, I just wanted to make some update of some sorts as it's been far too long already. Anyway, I'm well (indeed, woke up this morning in an extremely good mood - so much I laid in bed for a few hours contemplating how wonderful life was), still kicking along etc. even though I'm twenty two now. Just v. v. busy. Never seem to be stopping! Anyway, I'll be off for a bedtime joint and much earned rest, see you all again hopefully soon, until then be happy!

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