Niall’s virtual diary archives – Wednesday 27th February 2019

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Wednesday 27th February 2019: 9.21pm. Link shared:

Been making good progress on other todo task like items other than wifi routers :). I've been slowly writing plugins to scrape's content into a generated website. Scrapy is a great tool, highly recommended. Once I've converted all that Microsoft FrontPage 1998-era HTML, I can then finish my migration away from Google+ and all megacorp social media who resell my information onto 100% wholly owned and maintained by me social networking based on ActivityPub. I've persuaded the maintainer of to finish his ActivityPub support, so then I'll be able to post photos, status updates, and all the stuff I normally do from my phone to my Hugo generated static website, which in turn will plug into the federated social network. I don't know if I'll get this entirely done before Google turn Google+ off in April, but let's see how it goes.

On other todo task like items, I have fully migrated my business off its expensive business bank account with a major bank, and I have closed that account. I'm now 50/50 split between TransferWise and on the business just in case of Brexit. I've also started migrating my personal bank account to the German bank to also get away from the new unavoidable monthly maintenance fees the Irish major banks have just imposed. It's a lot of hassle moving over all the direct debits etc, but so far so good, the German IBAN hasn't been a problem yet.

N26 is okay so far. They're a bank. Not much to see really, though I do like the instant appearance of transactions. Like, you withdraw cash from the ATM, you literally can see the payment go through its stages on the app in realtime. Same for buying stuff with the card. The realtime aspect proves that any bank could do the same, but they can't of course due to all those legacy systems they have.

Their app is pretty buggy, bits of it don't work at all, and it burns CPU if it's open (so always force close it when you leave it). Getting it to work with my de-googlified phone based on MicroG was a royal pain in the ass, it took three hours of fiddling, I eventually got it to work. Badly made app though, whereas TransferWise have a very good phone app that works very well and is the best of the banking type phone apps I've seen so far.

In fact, TransferWise are increasingly becoming head and shoulders above everyone else. The most features, the least hassle, the lowest fees. Shame they are not bank guaranteed though, you just can't trust leaving any significant money with them. And after that recent scandal at that German ePayments company where they were faking the accounts and now people's deposits will get a haircut, that bank guarantee is more important than ever.

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