Niall’s virtual diary archives – Friday 19th October 2018

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Friday 19th October 2018: 11.35pm. Location: 52.10805892944336,-8.689790725708008.

Picked up these from a distillery just down the road in Cork recently. They're very cheap, and for the price they're pretty good compared to the competition of the same price range. Except for the fellow on the left. He's straight from the barrel, no finishing, no maturation, no dilution, no caramel, no filtering. Raw untouched whiskey in Bourbon casks, two thirds grain, one third malt. No stated age. He's a hidden gem. Just 46 euros, they are vastly underrating how good he is, which is unmuted, uneven, alternating randomly between tasteless alcohol and full on oak, with occasional breakouts into vanilla smoothie. I like him very much indeed. Me and Megan already drank a whole bottle last week, this is our second bottle. I am very strongly considering ordering eight more bottles, it's that good, it's easily worth 70 to 80 euro. I appreciate most won't like how random and untamed he is, but this really is what Irish whiskey ought to be for me. They should make lots more of this kind of whiskey and stop tampering with it. Charge much less euro instead. Bring the consumer as close to the cask as possible.
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