Niall’s virtual diary archives – Sunday 14th October 2018

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Sunday 14th October 2018: 2.03am. Was up till 4.15am last night dealing with UK and Irish tax returns. Found grievous error in last night's calculations requiring reprint of everything tonight. Hoping to be in bed by 4am, with a bit of luck. I hate doing tax returns!

But to explain a little, I sold property in the UK for a loss in 2017. The UK and Irish tax systems don't have the same tax year, and have completely different rules on calculating tax. Best of all, I am non-domiciled, so I only pay tax on what proportion of monies I remit to Ireland. To say this is a corner case in Irish tax law would be an understatement, professional advice came back after six months of effort to say they just don't know, but they have a great paper trail for me to show the auditors that I tried my best. Still, it's been very stressful, mistakes made now could cost me a fortune in the future. And it doesn't help my mental state at all when I find small mistakes in tax returns filed in the past, ones clearly made because I do these things at 3am in the morning when I (a) hate doing tax returns and (b) I am so, so tired and (c) this is literally the only quiet time I get to concentrate outside of work, so 3am it is.

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