Niall’s virtual diary archives – Saturday 28th April 2018

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Saturday 28th April 2018: 1.33am. And speaking of GDPR and Facebook, don't forget GDPR and Google! They've somehow managed PR far better than Facebook, and so you don't realise they too have created a privacy reconfiguration page for your Google account in which you can disable a worryingly large amount of category-specific data collection which Google performs upon you. I just told Google to no longer collect every search I do and website I visit, every location my Android phone goes to, every phone call and message my Android phone sends, every video I view or search for or hover over, every picture I take, and a long list of quite worrying other categories. The GDPR is long overdue IMHO, though I don't believe them for a second that they are not still harvesting me for every cent they can squeeze out of my data. Hmm, I wonder what other "free" services I use which I can turn off data collection for ... ?

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