Niall’s virtual diary archives – Monday 1st January 2018

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Monday 1st January 2018: 3.23pm. Location: Disney's All-Star Movies Resort.

Last day in Florida today. I deliberately made it a seventeen night stay with a night and a day of padding on arrival and a day of padding on departure around the fourteen day holiday. Both turn out to have been highly wise, today it'll be chores and doing little to rest for the 24 hours of horror tomorrow. Tomorrow we get kicked out of our room at 11am and we'll head to Disney Springs to buy Christmas presents. Our bus to the airport is at 4.45pm, flight at 8.45pm back to Dublin, then a most unlovely drive home beckons from 10am the following day. With luck will be in bed for 2pm Wednesday, with tons of chores due for Thursday and Friday before I return to work on Sunday. Yay.

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