Niall’s virtual diary archives – Sunday 31st December 2017

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Sunday 31st December 2017: 6.15pm. Location: Disney's All-Star Movies Resort.

Final day of our 14 day all parks access today, and like Christmas Day it's the busiest all year. We therefore couldn't be bothered hauling buggies around, it's been bad enough this week anyway let alone today. I'm thus flying solo, more adult rollercoasters. So far my favourites by far have been Splash Mountain, Everest and Space Mountain. Other memorable experiences were the Navi River journey for its prettiness and very realistic animatronic Navi, It's a Small World for its creepiness, Toy Story Mania which was so much fun, the Frozen ride for very impressive animatronics, It's a Bug's Life which is the best of the 3D theatre shows, and Festival of the Lion King which is a Circ de Sole circus type rendition of the show which is visually and sonically impressive. Otherwise, to be honest, most of the rest of the rides were either hokey, very hokey, or surprisingly bad.

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