Niall’s virtual diary archives – Thursday 28th December 2017

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Thursday 28th December 2017: 2.10am. Location: Disney's All-Star Movies Resort.

Second visit to Hollywood Studios today, got another three Fast pass rides which normally have ridiculous wait times. Advantages of booking all those when we first arrived a week ago! Twice visiting there is about enough, unlike the Magic Kingdom or especially Epcot, you wouldn't really hang around there without a reason, especially with the crowds like today. Well maybe if you're a Star Wars nut you might, they were hammering that IP all day today. Tomorrow we'll be returning to Typhoon Lagoon which was such a laugh last time, we are deliberately avoiding the Magic Kingdom as long as possible but we'll return on Friday for our fifth and last time, followed by returning to Animal Kingdom for Saturday and that'll be us pretty much done, maybe Epcot again on Sunday New Year's Eve which is the last day of our 14 day all parks access pass. Monday New Year's Day will be with Megan's family, no parks, maybe we'll visit Disney Springs to buy Disney stuff. And Tuesday we fly home, five days from now!

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