Niall’s virtual diary archives – Wednesday 27th December 2017

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Wednesday 27th December 2017: 4.07am. Location: Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park.

Went to Animal Kingdom today for the first time in our trip here, kinda odd been here ten days already and six to go and hadn't made it here yet. It's fairly routine "natural zoo" stuff like Fota in Cork, so everything is very spaced out for the benefit of the animals. Unlike Fota where you must walk, at Disney you get driven in a themed Safari Jeep transport, otherwise very similar. There are also of course rides like that rollercoaster I posted earlier, but also light and laser shows a bit of one is posted below. Basically they spray water and illuminate it, drawing animations of stuff with laser. Just before it was fireworks at Epcot and best of all, we just landed lucky with where we chose to eat because we got a free view of both (in truth we chose the location to be as far away from the awful crowds today where the kids could run around, it was pure chance we got the free shows). So in all, seen everything at this park before in Europe to a similar scale before unlike the other parks which have been new to me, especially the water park. We've booked the remaining set of rides until we leave, we'll pretty much have gone on all the famous rides apart from the impossible to get onto ones like Pandora which get like 200 minute wait times, the worst anywhere in Disney world. Definitely the 14 day ticket was the right move, at three booked Fastpass rides per day you can experience 42 of the 53 total rides with minimum waits, so all the best and most famous ones. And I definitely can't see us running out of things to do before the ticket expires. Here's hoping Hollywood Studios tomorrow isn't as crowded as Animal Kingdom was today.
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