Niall’s virtual diary archives – Sunday 21st May 2017

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Sunday 21st May 2017: 7.51pm. The fourth and final piece of coursework for M337 Complex Analysis just went in. It is three weeks late, but they gave me an extension, the month of April is my busiest every year and I just couldn't also do the maths coursework. I got stuck on a proof where I needed to finish with an equation one part of which contained a -3 and I only could get a -2. The cause still eludes me. I also got stuck on figuring out if a point is in the Mandelbrot set or not, the point they gave sits on a border where a bifurcation happens, so none of the usual tests work and even iterating the thing 10,000 times yielded no definitive answer (I ran a computer program to see). I suspect I was supposed to use an argument from theory, but I couldn't see one which fit, nor could I find a worked example of what to do in that situation anywhere. Anyway, it's submitted now, I should get a pass grade which just leaves the written exam early June to go, and I am done with this Maths course, I will have effectively completed my third undergrad degree this time in Honours Maths!

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