Niall’s virtual diary archives – Friday 30th September 2016

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Friday 30th September 2016: 9.56pm.

@ACCUConf @CppCon My CppCon 2016 workshop video is available! Not one of my better talks unfortunately. Firstly I droned on far too long at the beginning talking about why AFIO, how AFIO fits in with C++ 17/20 standardisation efforts, conversations with Bjarne and Gabi etc about Boost and C++ Modules etc - I ended up overshooting the pre-workshop time budget by about ten minutes. I then had prepared a workshop for a totally different audience than the one I had, I had been assuming only filesystem geeks would turn up, in fact most attendees were there out of curiosity and didn't know anything about the filesystem at all. I ended up running majorly out of time, and had to chop out a large chunk of the actual workshop as CppCon gives very little latitude for overruns compared to other conferences. In the end I'm going to chalk this down to you win some and lose some.

The ACCU 2017 talk I have in mind for Bristol in April which I mentioned in the video is provisionally called "Mongrel Monads, dirty, dirty, dirty". I'm hoping to repeat dominating all the other tracks with that talk as I did with my talk at ACCU 2016. We shall see if it gets in first!

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