Niall’s virtual diary archives – Saturday 15th August 2015

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Saturday 15th August 2015: 10.28pm. Link shared:

New York Times does a pretty scathing article about what how horrible it is to work in Amazon's white collar roles. Putting on my Management and Organisational Behaviour hat, I find it surprising that Amazon would repeat the Enron management style when all the Management literature is very clear that that led to the Enron loss of organisational culture ethics and eventual collapse, sending some of its leadership to prison. Indeed we studied Enron in depth during my Management degree as a case example of what not to do in Management.

And as for the employees, they should remember that Enron ended up paying no pensions and the stock options were worthless - once you include those two factors, any slightly increased salary isn't worth it. The rational thing to do is to not work there, even leaving aside the cost of divorce induced by you always working.

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