Niall’s virtual diary archives – Monday 24th November 2014

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Monday 24th November 2014: 12.37am. Relented today and turned on the heating to run four times per day from now on. Up till now it only ran first thing in the morning, after that you light a fire if you want heat. It's been a warm autumn, but it's below freezing outside at nighttimes now, and that means where Clara sleeps was getting down to 14 C or so which is probably as cold as a nine month old should sleep in. It's funny actually, in Canada our flat was never colder than 23C as heating was centralised. I guess the cost of heating in Europe is so high ... Indeed our last electricity bill was for €288 for two months, electricity is the most expensive form of heating possible here at 20c/kWh. It may be possible that burning oil for heating the house might actually be cheaper than using electricity for a single room, with the recent price drop I got our heating oil at maybe 12c/kWh including boiler inefficiency. I guess I'll find out which costs less overall.

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