Niall’s virtual diary archives – Tuesday 18th November 2014

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Tuesday 18th November 2014: 12.42pm. Location: Dromahane.

Spent a few days with Android 5.0 now. Best parts are the enormous improvement in battery life (40%!) and notifications, plus the face unlock is actually usable now. Worst part is lots of new random stalls during use which I assume is lack of RAM - it's starting to feel like my Galaxy Nexus did before it was retired. Poor Megan's Nexus 4 is really clunking along after the upgrade to 5.0, it has the same amount of RAM as mine but it's slower and the CPU considerably so. Anyway after some hoop jumping I received her new phone today which is to be her usual biennial Christmas present. Due to the silly cost of the Nexus 6, it's the first non Nexus device we will have had in five years. Her device officially runs Cyanogenmod, so almost as good as a Nexus device for updates and bug fixes but half the cost of a Nexus 6 (no one mention in comments what it might be, it's a surprise, PM me privately instead). And it being a year newer, it is noticeably faster than my Nexus 5 having 50% more RAM and 15% more CPU, 50% larger battery and a camera and storage twice as good. In fact, its only negatives are its vibration which is tinny, its size to density hand feel and I find the backlight a bit cold. I think she'll be very happy with it.

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